Planning & Consultation:  No matter what your commercial real estate needs are, it is best to get Terra Firma Commercial involved early in the process.  This will help you avoid costly mistakes, while positioning yourself to take quick advantage of opportunities.  Terra Firma Commercial works with clients to first define current and future needs and how these translate into a your commercial real estate plan.  Terra Firma then works with the client to implement the plan.  Whether it be market studies for opening new locations, feasibility studies, space planning, or portfolio management, Terra Firma has the expertise to assist in every facet of your commercial real estate needs.

Selling: At first contact Terra Firma performs an exhaustive, no olbigation, analysis of your property.  The result will be a Broker's Opinion of Value, which is far more accurate than an appraisal.  Not only will the value range be determined, but the expected market time will be accurately estimated.  Once all the data has been examined, if the owner decides to sell, Terra Firma will assemble an attractive marketing package complete with photos, maps, aerials, and a complete description of the property’s attributes such that a potential buyer should have very few questions upon review.  Explicit custom marketing strategies will be developed and executed to ensure success.  

Terra Firma knows most of the buyers in the market place but always encourages other agents to engage the property, thus ensuring a property receives maximum exposure in the market place. For each seller Terra Firma strives to receive the highest fair market value for each property.  Upon the signing of the Listing Agreement, Terra Firma aggressively pursues potential Buyers using multiple marketing platforms.  All properties are entered on to the Commercial Real Estate multiple listing service: MnCar, along with all the most effective commercial real estate websites.


Buying: After the executioTerraFirma4inreverseOfficen of a Buyer’s Representation Agreement, Terra Firma will scour the market in search of the property that most suits the Buyer's wants and needs. Once potential properties are identified for further consideration, Terra Firma will coordinate gaining access to each property in a timely manner.  Once a proprety is identified for acquisition, Terra Firma will expertly assist in negotiating the lowest fair market purchase price. Although not providing legal advice or representation, Terra Firma can minimize your legal fees by drafting the initial purchase agreement documents  for your attorney's reivew.  Terra Firma will also actively assist throughout the due diligence process, providing information and coordinating inspections while working with the title companies and lenders to achieve a timely closing. The Buyer’s Representation Agreement shall always seeks compensation from the Seller first.

 Leasing: For Tenants looking to minimize the cost of their real estate Terra Firma will search all the options and present those most appealing to the Tenant for consideration. Once the client has identified properties which warrant closer inspection, Terra Firma will coordinate gaining access to each of the properties in a timely manner. Once the best options have been determined Terra Firma will then coordinate the solicitation of lease proposals and then analyze each proposal as to how it meets the needs of the Tenant while assisting in expertly negotiating the lowest possible total real estate cost to the client. The only requirement is the Tenant must sign a Tenant Representation Agreement which primarily seeks compensation from the Landlord.